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Kakbank Vipeholm (Lund)

We are nine friends who have started a cakebank in Lund. The name comes from the quarter of the town where the initiator of the bank lives. Once a month we have our meetings och we like to talk och eat cookies. We believe in the idea of microloans and especially in the support such loans can give to womens´ business activities.


Here are our three most recent loans. Click here to view all our loans.
To buy vegetables, onions and a fridge to store fresh fruits.

to pay for meat products.

to purchase haberdashery products, milk, sugar and other products.

Sometimes we receive updates from the people we lend to. Here's the latest one, from Zainab in Jordan. Read more reports.

"We wanted to let you know that Zainab has another loan posted on Kiva! Here's the description of their new loan: Zainab is a 57-year-old housewife. Her husband sells fruits and vegetables while she works at home running..." (Read more.)

Would you like updates when when we loan to new projects or new entries come from the projects? Or check out or Kiva page!

Please feel free to email us at vipeholm at kakbank dot se!
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