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Kakbank Sala

Welcome to Kakbank Sala! If you're living in the area, email us, and soon we'll be eating "raspberries caves" together and choosing new fantastic microcredit project!


Here are our three most recent loans. Click here to view all our loans.
To buy seeds, fertilizers and herbicides.

Duo Camino De Luz Group
to purchase tomato and green pepper seeds.

Jose Antonio
(El Salvador)
to buy painkillers, antibiotics and vitamins to sell.

Sometimes we receive updates from the people we lend to. Here's the latest one, from Gricelda De La Cruz in Nicaragua. Read more reports.

"We wanted to let you know that Gricelda De La Cruz has another loan posted on Kiva! Here's the description of their new loan: Griselda is 39 years old. Her husband works in a lathe workshop and helps with home expenses and..." (Read more.)

Would you like updates when when we loan to new projects or new entries come from the projects? Or check out or Kiva page!

Please feel free to email us at sala at kakbank dot se!
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