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Kakbank Pixbo (Gothenburg)

Kakbanken Pixbo for those who have a connection to Pixbo, Gothenburg.

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Here are our three most recent loans. Click here to view all our loans.
to purchase foodstuffs for the store.

to purchase some cotton-materials to make swaddling-clothes.

Maxima Leticia
to buy fruits such as bananas, watermelons, oranges, etc.

Sometimes we receive updates from the people we lend to. Here's the latest one, from Fatima in Philippines. Read more reports.

"MABUHAY! Warm greetings from Community Economic Ventures, Inc. (CEVI) in the Philippines and KIVA, thank you for your loan to Fatima. With her loan, she was helped to purchase fertilizers and farm inputs. The mission statement..." (Read more.)

Would you like updates when when we loan to new projects or new entries come from the projects? Or check out or Kiva page!

Please feel free to email us at elisabeth at kakbank dot se!
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