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Kakbank is a do-it-yourself charity. We are convinced that the world can be more fair if people only are give a chance. Once a month we meet at the someone's home and those who wish donate 50 crowns (rouhly $10) to the...

Kevin sa 4e april 2012
Very, very awesome! Kiva loves cookies! We may have to try this out here in San Francisco. Cheers, Kevin Software Engineer at Kiva

Kerstin sa 1a juni 2010
Kakbank låter toppen! Jag bor i Solna och vill gärna få kontankt med andra kaksugna. Maila mig: kerstin.kyhlberg-engvall@hotmail.com

babs sa 27e november 2009
Fantastisk ide´

Johanna sa 2a oktober 2009
What an amazing initiative! Fantastic! It makes me incredibly happy to know that there are people like you around.

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Säkerhetsfråga - vilken av följande saker är en kaka:
grävskopa, gymnasieskola, sockerkaka, breakdance?

Och på svenska, tack?